Friday, May 24, 2013

Apollos oracle at Delphi

 Once upon time in Ancient Greece there was Apollo the god. He was the one who people had relied on in the past.He would tell them the  future and in return he would have gotten a gift.There was a wise woman who also told the future and there was a King.

As the story goes.....

 One day in Delphi the God called Apollo had a wise woman who told the future for him so he would just get the gifts instead. He had ordered  the wise woman to tell the future instead of him telling the future. 

The king comes to town to see the Wise woman and asked her  a question, and the question was who will win the battle of tomorrow? The oracle had said with a smile, "a good king will win the battle of tomorrow."

The oracle does sometimes get the best of them. That was Apollo's Oracle at Delphi.

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By Kaiya Kidd. 

Apollo and Cassandra

A long, long time ago there lived Apollo,  a man who made things, and  Cassandra was a pretty girl who had worked at things Apollo had made.
Apollo was walking to one of his creations when he had  caught sight of Cassandra. He, Apollo had made a deal with Cassandra that he  had to give her a gift, that was to see the future. Once he had given her the gift , Apollo then leant over to receive the kiss and she spat in his face. 

Apollo said I'm going to kill the Troys (which is Cassandra's kind) since Cassandra could see the future. No one had believed Cassandra that they were going to die. So they didn't believe her.

Cassandra could not take this gift she had gotten away. She tried to warn her kind but no one of her kind had believed her.  Because of this they died.
 Cassandra's kind died because they did not believe her. If she had stay alive she would die anyway so there were no Trojans left because they didn't believe Cassandra.

The end by Kaiya

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anansi The Spider ( Why The Spider Has Eight Legs)

Anansi was a spider,  he lived with his wife.
Anansi's wife was a very good cook, but most of the time he liked to try his neighbours food.

One day Anansi goes out to Rabbit's house, Rabbit offers him food. "I would love to, but I must get going." Anansi knows that if he stays, Rabbit will make him clean up.
Anansi suggest that he ties a web to his leg and to the food pot, and when the food is ready Rabbit shall pull on the web, Rabbit thought the idea was wonderful.

Anansi goes to Monkey next. Monkey asks Anansi to stay for food, again he says that he must leave, but suggests that he tie a web to his leg and to the pot. Monkey thought the idea was great.

Next Anansi goes to his friend Hog. Hog invited Anansi to dinner, but again Anansi says he must go, so he suggested that he tie a web to his leg and to the pot. Hog loved the idea.

Anansi then went to five more of his friends and every leg of Anansi's had a web tied to it and to a pot of food.

Anansi was walking when Rabbit's web pulled, but then Monkey's web pulled and all the other webs start pulling. Anansi's legs became skinnier and skinnier, he jumped into a river and the webs became loose,
Anansi did not receive food that night.  

Anansi learnt that he must either eat the food and help or have nothing.

That is why the spider has eight very skinny legs.

The End

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Theseus and the Minotaur

By Lucia

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dionysus & Ariadne

One day Dionysus the god of wine was shape shifted in his favourite form, a handsome young man. He was then spotted by some ugly pirates.

The pirates saw him and thought he would cost lots of money as a slave, so laughing cruely they kidnapped him.

Dionysus found this amusing and let them wrap him up in ropes. But the ropes were rubbing so he escaped from the ropes. One man saw him do it so he pleaded to his crew to take him back to the shore. But they just laughed at him.

Then dionysus wrapped the ship in vines and turned into a lion, all of the pirates jumped off the boat except for the one who pleaded to let him go because he seemed to be stuck.

Dionysus demanded him to drop him off at a island called Naxos, where he met Princess Ariadne who was abondoned by Prince Theseus. He then offered his hand in marriage and she willingly agreed so they lived happily ever after.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Theseus and the minotaur

Aeons ago there was a prince called Theseus across the sea in Athens. There was a problem in Athens though, because King Minos always challenged the Athenian king to war.

Later the Athenian king made a deal with King Minos that every 9 years, 7 Athenian girls and 7 Athenian boys would be sent to be eaten by the brutal beast, the minotaur.

The Athenians waited 9 years and then the prince went with the other 13 children to get eaten by the minotaur.

Then when the prince got to King Minos's kingdom he met the princess who made a deal with him.

After the princess helped Theseus to slay the horrible beast, the minotaur, Prince Theseus let the princess sail with him.

In the end Theseus took the princess and they stopped to get supplies and she fell asleep. The people on that island soon fell in love with her beauty, so the prince left her on that island to be admired.


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Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus and the Minotaur
Once upon a time  there lived a very mean king and his name was King Minos. He had a pretty daughter and she was nice. They lived in a big castle. King Minos had a pet beast and its name was Minotaur it eats humans. There was another king called the King of Athens.
The King of Athens he was a nice king but he hated the Minotaur and he had a son called Theseus and he was brave.
King Minos was bored. He was so bored he moved every so often and went to war with his neighbors. They went to War every day. Then one day they made a deal to give 7 boys and 7 Athens girl to be eaten by the Minotaur every nine years. The Minotaur was King Minos pet beast . No Athenians liked him.
But the King of the Athens did not like give his people to King Minos. But a deal is a deal so he did what he was told to do every nine years. King Athens son put himself in the position of   one of the people who went to get eaten by the Minotaur. But his plan wasn't to get eaten but to slay the Minotaur.
On the way to the cage of where the Minotaur lived Theseus saw King Minoses daughter, they made a deal with her. That deal was that Theseus would take king Minoses daughter away to another island so other people could admire her prettiness and Theseus and the rest of the children went back to their family.

The end

By kaiya Kidd