Thursday, May 16, 2013

Theseus and the Minotaur ( An Ancient Greek Myth )

Once upon at time there lived a king called King Minos. King Minos lived on a very beautiful island called Crete. King Minos had monster that was a Minotaur as his pet, he also had a beautiful daughter 
who was the princess.

One day King Minos was very bored, so he decided to attack Athens. The Athenian King made a deal with King Minos to send seven girls and seven boys to King Minos' Minotaur every nine years.
The Minotaur would eat the children as a treat.

The next nine years the Athenian Prince decided he would go as one of the seven boys, He would try to defeat the terrible monster.
When the children arrived at the island, the Athenian prince secretly made a deal with the Minos princess.
The deal was that she would give him a sword to kill the monster and string so that he could find his way back through the maze, once this happened he would take her to an island so that people would admire her beauty.
The prince defeated the Minotaur and took the princess and the children onto a boat, they stopped at an island for supplies, the princess went to sleep, when everyone saw her they fell in love with her.
The prince sailed away with the children and left her there sleeping.

Remember, A deal is a deal.

The End
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