Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anansi The Spider ( Why The Spider Has Eight Legs)

Anansi was a spider,  he lived with his wife.
Anansi's wife was a very good cook, but most of the time he liked to try his neighbours food.

One day Anansi goes out to Rabbit's house, Rabbit offers him food. "I would love to, but I must get going." Anansi knows that if he stays, Rabbit will make him clean up.
Anansi suggest that he ties a web to his leg and to the food pot, and when the food is ready Rabbit shall pull on the web, Rabbit thought the idea was wonderful.

Anansi goes to Monkey next. Monkey asks Anansi to stay for food, again he says that he must leave, but suggests that he tie a web to his leg and to the pot. Monkey thought the idea was great.

Next Anansi goes to his friend Hog. Hog invited Anansi to dinner, but again Anansi says he must go, so he suggested that he tie a web to his leg and to the pot. Hog loved the idea.

Anansi then went to five more of his friends and every leg of Anansi's had a web tied to it and to a pot of food.

Anansi was walking when Rabbit's web pulled, but then Monkey's web pulled and all the other webs start pulling. Anansi's legs became skinnier and skinnier, he jumped into a river and the webs became loose,
Anansi did not receive food that night.  

Anansi learnt that he must either eat the food and help or have nothing.

That is why the spider has eight very skinny legs.

The End

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