Friday, May 24, 2013

Apollo and Cassandra

A long, long time ago there lived Apollo,  a man who made things, and  Cassandra was a pretty girl who had worked at things Apollo had made.
Apollo was walking to one of his creations when he had  caught sight of Cassandra. He, Apollo had made a deal with Cassandra that he  had to give her a gift, that was to see the future. Once he had given her the gift , Apollo then leant over to receive the kiss and she spat in his face. 

Apollo said I'm going to kill the Troys (which is Cassandra's kind) since Cassandra could see the future. No one had believed Cassandra that they were going to die. So they didn't believe her.

Cassandra could not take this gift she had gotten away. She tried to warn her kind but no one of her kind had believed her.  Because of this they died.
 Cassandra's kind died because they did not believe her. If she had stay alive she would die anyway so there were no Trojans left because they didn't believe Cassandra.

The end by Kaiya


  1. It's good but it just needs a bit more detail.

  2. awesome but what did the girl do when she got the present ?