Friday, May 17, 2013

Theseus and the minotaur

Aeons ago there was a prince called Theseus across the sea in Athens. There was a problem in Athens though, because King Minos always challenged the Athenian king to war.

Later the Athenian king made a deal with King Minos that every 9 years, 7 Athenian girls and 7 Athenian boys would be sent to be eaten by the brutal beast, the minotaur.

The Athenians waited 9 years and then the prince went with the other 13 children to get eaten by the minotaur.

Then when the prince got to King Minos's kingdom he met the princess who made a deal with him.

After the princess helped Theseus to slay the horrible beast, the minotaur, Prince Theseus let the princess sail with him.

In the end Theseus took the princess and they stopped to get supplies and she fell asleep. The people on that island soon fell in love with her beauty, so the prince left her on that island to be admired.


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