Friday, May 24, 2013

Apollos oracle at Delphi

 Once upon time in Ancient Greece there was Apollo the god. He was the one who people had relied on in the past.He would tell them the  future and in return he would have gotten a gift.There was a wise woman who also told the future and there was a King.

As the story goes.....

 One day in Delphi the God called Apollo had a wise woman who told the future for him so he would just get the gifts instead. He had ordered  the wise woman to tell the future instead of him telling the future. 

The king comes to town to see the Wise woman and asked her  a question, and the question was who will win the battle of tomorrow? The oracle had said with a smile, "a good king will win the battle of tomorrow."

The oracle does sometimes get the best of them. That was Apollo's Oracle at Delphi.

Thanks for reading.

By Kaiya Kidd. 

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  1. Nice story kiaya . how did the battle turn out your awesome

    from Rayna